Call for proposals / Appel à propositions

International Symposium

Vision, action and concepts :
Behavioural and neural basis of embodied perception and cognition,
Lille 28-30 Octobre 2013
Deadline for submissions: June 30, 2013.
Partners: the University Charles-de-Gaulle Lille3, the French National Committee of Scientific Psychology (CNFPS), the French National Committee of History and Philosophy of Sciences (CNFHPS).
Sponsored by the French Academy of Sciences.
This international symposium is organised in the context of the opening of a new Research Centre for Visual Sciences and Cultures in Lille. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to bring together leading scientists from different disciplines (philosophy, psychology, neuroscience) working in the field of embodied perception and cognition. Higher psychological functions are traditionally considered in the field of cognitive sciences as resulting from the processing of information within the sensory and representational systems that contribute to the emergence of meaning. According to this view, behavioural responses are considered as the outcome of cognitive processes. However, recent behavioural and neuroimaging studies have highlighted a strong link between early perceptual processes and the body-motor representational system. Data have led to a novel theory postulating that perception and cognition are embodied, referring therein to the phenomenological and empirical traditions in philosophy. In this context, the symposium “Vision, action and concepts: Behavioural and neural basis of embodied perception and cognition” aims to offer the possibility to internationally acknowledged researchers from different disciplines to share most recent knowledge related to empirical and theoretical basis of embodied perception and cognition.
More information here.
Contact : Pr. Yann Coello

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